Terms and Conditions as Apply

The following are the Terms and Conditions of use as apply by Surebettingtipstoday under which the visitor of the website may make use of.
The visitor may require to read through the general terms of service to enable him understand the donts and the haves of this platform.

1. Time of service

On matters of how long is the visitor entitled to access free services at surebettingtipstoday does not guarantee them long term services. Therefore, surebettingtipstoday may under any circumstance revoke the services at anytime.
On VIP Tips or Premium Services the customers are entitle to have access to the services they have paid for and for a given duartion. Once the duraation of the service paid for expires, the customers will therefore denied access to the services until the renewal of the services.
All customers to Surebettingtipstoday must follow these General Terms and Conditions when using the website. Surebettingtipstoday reserves the right to stop or end the service at any time, for any cause, including failure to adhere with these General Terms and Conditions or for any other legal reason, by operation of law and without prior notice.

2. Privacy Policy

By sending an e-mail to Surebettingtipsstoday, customers have the right to access, correct, and delete any personal data that concerns them. Their personal information on their profile page can also be modified at any given time.

When clients subscribe to the service, Surebettingtipstoday may gather personal data such as names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, or any other identification data, including the IP address. The client is under no duty to supply this information, although it may be necessary for some service functions.

Surebettingtipstoday will only use the information submitted by the user to identify visitors and provide or improve the service offered. Under no circumstances will these data be utilized for commercial reasons by other parties.
Users' personal data cannot be kept for longer than is absolutely necessary for the service to function.
Users are informed that when they log into the service, Surebettingtipstoday might recognize their endpoints, particularly through cookies. Such software's main function is to allow or facilitate electronic communications, or it is used at the user's express request when strictly necessary for the provision of the service.

3. Change of Terms and Conditions

Surebettingtipstoday shall be held responsible to make additional changes to the terms and conditons of service at any given time.

4. Our Work

Surebettingtipstoday notifies its readers that the news and information broadcast through its service are supplied "as is," with no promise of accuracy, correctness, or completeness.
Surebettingtipstoday provides the service "as is," with no assurances other than those required by law. In particular, it cannot guarantee that the service will meet the customer's needs or that it will be continuous, relevant, secure, or accurate.